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Agricultural training covers a broad range of formal and informal activities that build capacity within the agriculture sector for wider knowledge and skill.

Learners need to build industry-related knowledge skills for career enhancement, while helping the organisation to improve efficiency, reduce risk and increase competitive advantage.

There are many thousands of new farmers in South Africa who have access to land but don't have the skills, guidance and capital they need to grow a viable farming business.

Agricultural Value Chain

  • Suppliers / Agri Inputs
  • Primary Agriculture
  • Agri-Processing
  • Marketing / Retail
  • End Users
  • Waste

Target Groups

  • Farmers
  • Farm Managers
  • Farm Workers
  • Extension Officers
  • Agri Processing Managers / Operators
  • Marketing and Sales Agents
  • Wholesalers & Retailers
  • End Users (Domestic Use)
  • Hospitality Industry

Agriculture Learning Programmes

  1. Agri-Preneurship Programme
  2. Animal Production
  3. Agricultural Business
  4. Generic Agricultural Practices
  5. Plant Production
  6. Natural Resource Management
  7. Food Processing
  8. Food Waste

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