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Continuous Service Delivery

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Access to effective public services is a legitimate right of all residents, particularly those who were previously disadvantaged. This stance emphasizes “service to the people” as parameter for local government transformation. 

Thus, one of the most important indicators in assessing the transformation of local government is the experiences and perceptions people have of service delivery in their day-to-day lives, more specifically whether they perceive an improvement in the services delivered to them. The implication of this is for local government to transform words into deeds, and thus to prioritize and satisfy the needs of the communities they service .

The main aim for the development of this series is to present a South African view on the discipline of Continuous Service Delivery Management. It takes its point of departure from the “Business Continuity Management” field.

Municipal Service Delivery Value Chain

  • Water supply
  • Storm water
  • Waste Management
  • Electricity
  • Sewerage collection & disposal
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Roads & Storm water
  • Municipal Finance

Target Groups

  • Municipal Councillors
  • Municipal Managers
  • Functional Heads
  • Officials

Continuous Service Delivery Learning Programmes

  1. Fundamentals to Continuous Service Delivery.
  2. Creation of institutional / municipal capacity for your Service Delivery or municipality Management. 
  3. Integrating CSD into day-to-day Service Delivery activities and culture in the municipality. 
  4. Conducting a Service Delivery impact analysis and risk assessment process. 
  5. Creating Continuous Service Delivery strategies to ensure continuity and recovery. 
  6. Executing agreed upon strategies through development of an all-inclusive CSD Plan.
  7. Confirmation of the CSD Programme against policies and plans.
Alligned with the BCM lifecycle as portrayed by the Business Continuity Institute.

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