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Disaster Risk Management

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In order to assist both proactive and reactive role-players within the public and private spheres, in the implementation of Disaster Risk Management, the development of the unique “Skills Development Programme in Disaster Risk Management” is based on the National Disaster Management Framework (NDMF). This programme consists of four independent modules that are aligned to the Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Enablers as described in the NDMF.

Due to the demands experienced in the workplace, this programme offers a modular approach, enabling the learner to register per module learning programme. The advantage of this approach is that the practical component supports the working environment specific to the client.

Focus Areas

  • Local Municipalities
  • Districts Municipalities
  • National Departments
  • Environmental threats and hazards
  • Communities at risk
  • Risk
  • Capacity building
  • Infrastructure at risk
  • Parastatals at risk
  • Private Companies at risk

Target Groups

  • Municipal Councillors
  • Municipal Managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Functional Heads
  • Officials
  • Community members

Disaster Risk Management Learning Programmes

  1. Identify and describe disaster related risks and threatening situations utilizing basic disaster management concepts and indigenous knowledge;
  2. Establish and co-ordinate risk forums and committees for disaster risk management in a specific environment;
  3. Conduct a disaster risk assessment;
  4. Develop and implement disaster risk reduction plans; 
  5. Implement disaster risk management principles in response, recovery, relief and rehabilitation activities;
  6. Create awareness and promote a culture of risk avoidance through advocacy activities;
  7. Utilise communication and information management systems;
  8. Interpret and integrate disaster risk management theory into programmes and activities according to the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Framework;
  9. Managing an Incident.

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