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Fire Management

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A fire officer should be capable of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic firefighting equipment. The learning programmes are designed to provide participants to actively be involved in the suppression of wildfires an understanding of the elements veld fire behaviour to enable them to apply sound fire suppression actions based on the use of firefighting hand tools.

A single resource is an individual, a piece of equipment and its personnel complement, or a crew or team of individuals with an identified work Supervisor that can be used on an incident. Participants in these learning programmes will have the necessary understanding of the skills and processes required in the management of a team or a single resource during a fire suppression incident. Safe chainsaw operation and maintenance in commercial forestry operations, garden services and bush clearing operations is crucial.

Focus Areas

  • Emergency Services
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Agriculture
  • Nature Conservation
  • Working on Fire
  • Working on Water
  • Fire & Rescue Department

Target Groups

  • Rural Development officials
  • Farm owner and Farm Workers
  • Plantation Managers and Personnel
  • CDW
  • Fire Fighters
  • Private Fire Fighters

Fire Management Learning Programmes

  1. Identify, explain and demonstrate standard safety procedures during active wildfire suppression.
  2. Contribute to the suppression of wildfires at basic fire-fighting level.
  3. Manage a crew during wildfire suppression.
  4. Cut felled timber using a chainsaw and maintain chainsaw.
  5. Operate brush-cutters in commercial forestry.
  6. Apply firefighting techniques.

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