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E-Learning refers to the use of technology to select, design, deliver, administer, facilitate and support learning. The term e-Learning covers a wide set of applications and processes, including computer-based learning, web-based learning and mobile learning.

The learners learn according to an own schedule, own pace and at a preffered location. If the learner can maintain the necessary self-discipline, the benefits of e-Learning are almost too numerous to count. The learner can cover the material when they have time, go over it as often as needed, all without traveling to a classroom. There are no parking problems or expenses, transportation fees, accommodation and food service fees, plus they can take the learning programme from any location with internet access. There have been many studies indicating that e-Learning learners retain the material to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face instructor led classes.

The VIA Learning programmes aim to engage the learner with learning materials and enable the learner to apply new knowledge, skills and values in the workplace. Learning materials are presented in manageable chunks of work. 

VIA hosts various online self-paced learning programmes designed for organisations, groups or individuals that require knowledge and skills in their personal development programmes. It provides a learner with a theoretical understanding as well as a practical workplace application to support the fact that knowledge must be applied in the world of work. A 100% pass rate is required, and the learning is structured to support that.
Lessons are interactive, engaging and fun with learning support multimedia like animations videos and picture slide shows. 

On request the VIA office issues a quotation for the Learning programme the learner is interested in attending and facilitates payment. After registration the learner will receive login details to access the learning materials and activities on the VIA e-Learning platform. The satellite campus will contact the learner to establish the support for the wi-fi, computer access as well as the practical learning content. These activities will activate the facilitators, tutors and mentor support programmes.

Learning programmes typically run for six to ten weeks. During this time, the learner can expect to spend approximately one hour per workday on learning related activities. If the learner needs more time the learning programme will be made available as needed to finish the learning.

There are different things that the learner needs to do in order to be prepared to successfully participate in and navigate an e-Learning program. Below, you will find a list of items that are common to the e-Learning environments.

The satellite campus will support the learner with the following:
* Support internet access for the learner.
* The learner must ensure that the browser on their computer meets the minimum requirements to access the learning platform.
* Turn off pop-up blocker technology. Some CMS systems will not function as they should with pop-up blockers turned on.
* Finally set browser to accept all cookies.
* Read all introductory information on the platform. Instructions will be clear on all important learning programme related issues.
* Read your learning programme content. Get informed about the prerequisites, objectives, types of readings, assignment requirements, extra reading and more.
* Set goals and priorities for the learning sessions. Goals lead to success because it gives direction and energy to overcome barriers, such as time constraints. 
* Plan for a personal learning schedule. Effective time management is a key factor for success. Creating a study schedule will ensure reaching established learning goals.
* Contact the satellite campus (Facilitators, tutors and mentors) for learning support and the VIA office for administrative issues. 

Every Academy has a few learning programmes. These Learning programmes are aligned with the SETA unit standards, (Specific Outcomes & Assessment Criteria).
* Start your learning by doing the learning sessions slides. The slides, the learning guide and the multimedia must be seen as supporting the learning done per session. After every session fill in the formative assessment to enable the following session to open.
* Learning Guide is structured in chapters corresponding with the slides, and it is for people who want to read more detail. There is a library of information on a database to access for extra reading if needed.
* Multimedia videos and short lectures, voice over slides, etcetera is hyperlinked from the different slide sessions to support learning and visual understanding.
* The practical component supports the workplace application, work as such, or assignments. This must be done during the learning programme and all assignments; picture evidence and checklists must be submitted on the platform for assessment. This will be monitored and supported by satellite campus (checklists, sign offs and evidence uploading on the platform)
* Summative assessment is the final examination required from the learner. This exam can be done more than once. 

* Complete a online registration form and finalise the administration. The VIA office or the satellite campus can render support with this.
* The learner receives a username and password from the VIA office after the payment is verified. 
* Get an overview of your learning programme and plan when, where and how to navigate the learning.
* The platform will be open for a period of 6 to 10 weeks, but the learner can request extra time to finalise the learning programme.

All the learning will be supported by a virtual satellite campus. The platform will manage the administration and POE of the learners to enable assessors, moderators and SETA verification. The theoretical and practical learning will be supported by facilitators, tutors and mentors managed by the satellite campus.

Please contact:
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