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Who and how are new and exciting training programmes brought to you.

Who we are

VIA was created to provide e-learning programmes that is SETA accredited, Non-accredited and Industry endorsed.

The VIA platform hosts online self-paced learning programmes designed for organisations, groups or individuals that require knowledge and skills in their personal development programmes. It provides a learner with a theoretical understanding (30%) as well as a practical workplace (70%) application to support the fact that knowledge must be applied in the world of work. A 100% pass rate is required, and the learning is structured to support that. 

Lessons are interactive, engaging and fun with learning support multimedia like animations videos and picture slide shows.

Vision & Mission


Recognised enabling partner, enhancing business and government performance ensuring a prosperous Southern Africa.


VIA strives to develop personal competencies to ensure sustainable & successful businesses enabling economic growth and stability.

Therefore competency = Knowledge, skills, attitude, ability and capability

VIA’s Logo explained

Why we designed this logo...


Corporate Governance


VIA’s Basic Philosophy

  • Growth through collaboration and partnerships with local communities, municipalities, institutions, suppliers, off-takers, schools, colleges, universities and training service providers;
  • Learning can happen anywhere; our offering is not bound by “brick and mortar” infrastructure;
  • “Zero-drop-outs” – recognise “the Hero” in every individual and assist each one to achieve “the Best I Can Be”;
  • Virtual delivery with local support – “living business learning experience”;
  • “Anchor Business/Farm” concept.

Human Capacity Building Triangle



Opportunity to develop

Each learner is offered the opportunity to develop in accordance to his/her own personal capability and interest.


Only "Champions"

No “Drop-outs”, only “Champions”
once learning programme is completed


Lifelong journey

Learning is a lifelong journey through Virtual Integrated Academy.

Our Awesome Team

Tommy du Plessis

Tinus de Beer

Edith Vries

Ferdie Mocke

Leon Jackson

Francis Hoets

Abbey Tlaletsi

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