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# The technology platform that is used is fully interactive, which makes it possible for the learners to communicate with lecturers during the sessions via the internet or cell phone technology.

# Learners have access to a variety of academic support services via the learner portal. 

# Library and Information Services' materials are made up of electronic books, electronic journals and articles in online databases, and is accessible from its website.

# Facilitation, Mentorship and Coaching is a method used to help groups develop processes that are effective in order to accomplish desired outcomes in the practical work place environment.

# A basic facilitation process was developed that will result in more effective communications supported by seasoned facilitating, coaching, and mentoring. 

# This process can be used with individuals or groups. 

# It is also a tool that enables people to initiate and take part in a productive dialogue while helping groups improve the way they identify and solve problems, make decisions, and deal with conflict.

Development Approach

The VIA platform hosts online self-paced learning programmes designed for organisations or groups that require knowledge and skills in their personal development programmes. It provides a learner with a theoretical understanding (30%) as well as a practical workplace (70%) application to support the fact that knowledge must be applied in the world of work. A 100% pass rate is required, and the learning is structured to support that.




Practical workplace


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